Thank you everyone

Storyjacker has had help from lots of talented and generous people

The project has had player testing at its core, and that has required a steady stream of testers along the way. Thanks to everyone who has been involved.

In the order in which they first helped

  • Volunteer paper testers from MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)
  • Maura Dooley and Goldsmiths Creative and Life Writing MA students
  • Dr Jonathan Taylor and De Montford University Creative Writing and English BA (Hons) students
  • Volunteer writers from Manchester School of Writing MA, MMU
  • Hazel Jones and Jane Draper and Interactive Arts BA (Hons) students, MMU
  • Dr Julie Armstrong and Creative Writing BA (Hons) at MMU Cheshire
  • Also many unnamed friends and relatives!

I am currently working with two talented student developers on new Storyjacker projects

  • Jordan Harman, (MMU) has helped to enhance account security on the site. He is also developing the PHP elements of Versus
  • Cullen Rhodes (MMU) is currently working on a side project in conjunction with Storyjacker, details TBA

My supervisory team have been a huge support in developing the PhD research methodology behind Storyjacker:

  • Prof. John Hyatt, MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) - Director of Studies
  • Dr. Atif Waraich, Digital Media & Entertainment Technology, MMU - Supervisor
  • Dr. Toby Heys, MIRIAD, MMU - Supervisor
  • Andrea Zapp, Manchester School of Art, MMU - Supervisor

Many of the aspects of the current website have been made using freely available software and assets that have been generously provided under Creative Commons and MIT Licences. Storyjacker is shared under similar terms:

  • Core design framework built using Bootstrap licensed under MIT, documentation under CC BY 3.0 - thanks and credit to @mdo and @fat
  • Icons a mixture of by Jan Kovařík and Font Awesome by Dave Gandy
  • Maze icon on front page - 'Labyrinth' by José Manuel from The Noun Project
  • Heart icons on front page - both 'Heart' by Raji Purcell from The Noun Project
  • Scythe image is an adaptation of 'Die Nahdrescherin' by Sascha Erni, .rb from Flickr
  • Ashtray image is an adaptation of 'Ashtray' by Steven Zolneczko from Flickr

If I have mistakenly missed anyone off this list, please let me know @storyjacker and I will update.

Storyjacker games


Two players write what goes next. Only the best stays in.

Play Bamboo


Pick a story. Take the challenge. Set a new one.

Play Twisted

Versus beta

Write 100-word stories. See them ranked against others.

Play Versus